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Jardin Anglais

Heritage from Nuits-Saint-Georges

This garden is called English Garden because of its typical layout (curved lines) in opposition to the French garden with straight lines that can be found for example in the gardens of Versailles.
This garden is also called Jardin de l'Arquebuse. The Arquebuse is a weapon that looks like a rifle. The firing was done with a wick used since the 15th century
In the Middle Ages, it was here that once a year a competition was held at the arquebuse. These games brought together all the men from the surrounding villages. The winner of these games was named king and was fed by the people for a whole year. When the same candidate won the competition three years in a row, he was then declared "Emperor". From this tradition were born some family names like: Roy; Le Roi ; Lempereur ; Lempré. Last names that are very common today in the sector.


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Jardin Anglais
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Jardin Anglais - Nuits-Saint-Georges Jardin Anglais - Nuits-Saint-Georges Jardin Anglais - Nuits-Saint-Georges