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Mairie-Lavoir - Villars-Fontaine

Heritage from Villars-Fontaine

The same building shelders the town-hall and the wash –house. Built in 1866 with plans of architect Caillot. The building est composed of a public wash-house closed by a gate, overlooked by a floor where are a room for the town council and a room for records office. In 1880, the town council’s room became a classrooom, an appartment for teacher and a covered part of the playground have been installed.
In 1906, a new part built on piles behind the classroom has been added to extend the town-hall. The bell, which since 140 years overlooks the building, gave a certain rythm to the school life and announce little and great events in the village.


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Mairie-Lavoir - Villars-Fontaine
Rue François Rodier
21700 - Villars-Fontaine

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Mairie-Lavoir - Villars-Fontaine - Villars-Fontaine